Start with three brothers (Brad, Gary and Eric Blevins) and a landscaping business in the struggling 1986 Oklahoma economy. Add a small amount of borrowed capital, along with the ability to design, create, construct and operate a restaurant and bakery. Then don’t forget a large dose of sweat equity, put the mix together in a small 800 sq. ft. store in Bethany, Oklahoma and you have City Bites®.

Ingredients were added to the mix as City Bites® started to grow, including a fourth brother (Mark) and the 1991 Oklahoma Small Business of the Year Award. Since then, City Bites® has received many awards, including the Oklahoman’s Readers’ Choice for Best Deli as well as the Oklahoma Gazette’s award for Best Deli. 

The City Bites® formula for success centers around the direct involvement of the Blevins Brothers, by being hands-on operators with constant contact with management, employees, & customers. City Bites® is proud to provide a work atmosphere that is relaxed and empowers each employee with the ability to satisfy each & every customer. This kind of attitude has given City Bites® a reputation of quality and service.

In October 2016, City Bites® celebrated its 30th year in business and wishes to thank all of our customers who have made us the #1 Deli in Oklahoma. We work toward becoming the Best Deli in the country one day.

Always remember City Bites®: “Food so good, one man choking refused the Heimlich maneuver.”


  • Oklahoma’s 1991 Small Business of the Year
  • The Daily Oklahoman - Readers' Choice – Best Deli (multi-year award winner)
  • Oklahoma Gazette - Best Deli (multi-year award winner)
  • Oklahoma City Metro 50- 4-time Top 50 Growth Company

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